Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday

A lot of people say they like driving.  I like the ability to drive.  Knowing that when my daughter is at a concert at night I can fetch her at 10 pm, despite the rain and the cold, and know she is safe.

Or I can take my car to go to a city centre church when my own church is up for sale.

Or I can go here and there, coincidentally looking for my daily blip.

All of which is a suggestion of why, despite my blog being five years old today, it barely gets any attention from me.  But I am glad I've got it.


Sian said...

Well I was chuffed to think that I might have had a hand in spurring you on to a bit more posting; so I'm wishing you a Happy Blog Birthday in the hope that the posts will continue!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you twice, Sian.

Rachel B said...

Lovely post and a happy birthday to your blog :)

Deb said...

Wow. Five years? Congratulations and happy blog birthday. :o)

Love the photos you have posted!

humel said...

Happy birthday to your blog! Sorry I'm a bit late with my good wishes - I'm catching up after my lurgy... xx