Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's in the post

The Philatelic Bureau used to be based at the main Waterloo Place Post Office in Edinburgh, at the end of Princes Street.  That was in the days when a car could drive along Princes Street and trams were in the past.  It was easy to go to the Post Office and buy the latest "pretty" stamps.  I used to enjoy First Day Covers and collected them for years.

Then the Waterloo Place PO was sold (allegedly too cheaply) and the Philatelic Bureau moved,  I had given Jonathan the Classic Album Covers stamps in hope but he put them up on his wall as too beautiful to use.  So I bit the bullet and ordered some from the Philatelic Bureau (it's the cost of post and packaging I don't like!) and browsed through their catalogue.  I like writing letters and I do enjoy putting an interesting stamp on the envelope.  It's rare that I receive a pretty one back, mind you, so many folk like the self-adhesive boring ones.  But I can dream.  And when the price of stamps goes up again next year I'll probably have a few in hand.

Today's word in NaNoJouMo is nicely appropriate.  One of the best ways of forging a friendship is by letter writing, and blog commenting isn't far behind.  There's no virtue, though, in saying that, at this moment, Dawn is linking to my blog and I face with equanimity the fact that I may be late for my next meeting.  But maybe all these references are too esoteric!


Sian said...

My Dad used to collect stamps many years ago - the thought of those first day covers took me back..

Coincidentally my Pass The Book this month is on mail art, if you are interested :)

humel said...

I love the interesting stamps, and always keep them if I receive one on a letter :-) Unfortunately I can't get to the post office that often, and the places I usually get my stamps only do the boring self-adhesive ones! :-(

Lizzie said...

Ah, I gave away my stamp collection. Dumb thing to do really...
I love the pretty stamps - shame they can't all have pictures on!

Talking of Posting... pop over to my blog to see what I will Post to your house, if you send me your address!!