Thursday, March 25, 2010

My wordle

I like "punched flower" and "excellent think day" but not "I died" and I'm not sure about "terrible craft circles".  However, I frequently "virtually bought book"!


A very enjoyable evening at the Young Enterprise awards.  The girl's company didn't win any awards but their presentation came third, I think, and the refreshments donated by M&S and Waitrose were excellent.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A flower

I was wrapping a present two weeks ago and saw the flower I'd punched from newsprint.  It reminded me of this flower of Clair's so I punched a couple of circles and rummaged in my metal stash.  The card was from the offcuts I bought at Craft Creations and I finished it off with my beloved corner punch.  It justified buying the scalloped circle punch when I was in Glasgow.  I repeated the idea when I was giving a basket of hyacinths to a friend of my in laws whose husband had died.



I am a terrible procrastinator. Instead of doing a page in my journal I read blogs or dream. So today I checked out Blogger and then I made a few pages. Here's the first.  It was night time so the picture is not brilliant.  There are four stickers on it so it fits the Something from Almost Nothing prompt for today.