Monday, November 01, 2010

More photographs

I have become hooked on Blipfoto and it's fun each day to choose a single photo.  However, some days the decision is hard.  Here are two of today's possibilities, from Mary's garden.

It was a gorgeous sunny morning, but it began to rain after 3 and the evening was stormy, with very heavy rain and much wind.  This didn't affect us as Monday night means University Challenge and Only Connect.  Of course tea carefully coincided with Pointless.

I'm toying with doing NaNoJouMo.  In which case inceptionwould apply to the beginning of my love affair with daily photography and blipfoto.


humel said...

They're both great photos, for sure :-) Sometimes I struggle to pick one for my Project 365, though usually that's less to do with artistic merit and more to do with having done lots of different things that day and not being sure which to document...

Elizabeth said...

That's exactly the reason why I've taken to my blog again - somewhere to use the photos I don't choose for blipfoto! How's your documenting the 25th?