Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Laura's quote 3

Picasso's quote about money, a fun doodle and a 1966 penny and ha'penny. This reflects Laura's 40th birthday and her return to accountancy. It's also an allusion to my first day of doing Treasurer business for the Parents' Association. I wrote a cheque for over £5000 amongst other things.

Laura's quote 2

Laura once gave me a poem by Robert Graves in a deco so there's a transfer of it on the LH page and his quote that there's no money in poetry on the RH page. But there's real money behind it!

Laura's quote 1

My first spread in Laura's quotes book. Oscar Wilde finishes "now that I am old I know that it is." This is not necessarily the view of the artist.


Here's another bit of process enjoyment. I wanted a background for a Picasso quote so I doodled in pencil. I wanted to outline in a waterproof pen so used a Faber Castell PITT pen. The desired thickness came from a brush tip - which I enjoyed so much I started colouring in some shapes. This meant I used pens instead of pencils and I wet the red shapes as well. Very pleasurable.


There's been a shortage of art here for the last week, due to holiday and family, but last night I got out this page, a pill bottle, a black ink pad (waterproof) and my WHS watercolour crayons. I gessoed the page and then my mother phoned, for a while. That meant I had to phone my sister, for a longer while, and then it was bedtime. When I went to the book today I wondered what I was supposed to do. The crayons must have meant I was to colour in the rings when I had made them with the pill bottle, and the waterproof ink meant I intended to wash the colouring, but then what? I love the zing of the colours as they change from crayon to paint, it's like the excitement of a magic painting book on a wet day when I was little. Now I want the "ping" of an answer to What Next.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Failure/success at something else

I'm failing in the challenge to do a daily page in my art journal, though I have done a few backgrounds and thought out what to put on them. However, this is because of being busy with Parents' Association business. I was honoured, a month ago, to be asked to be Chairperson. I graciously said no thank you as I know I'm too immature (at 48!) but I volunteered to be Treasurer instead and suggested a superb person for Chair. Last night was the AGM and we were unopposed. I think we will make a nice team.

While not producing any art I have done a lot of thinking about it, and where and how I do it, and I expect to make changes after half term, hopefully with good results.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daily art journal

It's all very well doing some art every day, but where's the time for photographing it and then waiting ages for Blogger to upload?

Feel balanced

This is definitely tongue in cheek.

Feel inky

I finally was able to buy isopropyl alcohol locally so I made up some ink sprays and played with them. The idea of the alcohol is fast evaporation but everything got rather wet here. It was nice to play but not highly successful. The back of the page actually looks better! If a journal is a document of life then this shows what I was at on Tuesday.

Feel blue

Having gessoed a page white, it was natural to paint a black page. Once again, something in the newspaper caught my eye: monkeys at the zoo who were afraid of blue face paint. (That could be a problem in Edinburgh Zoo as the Scottish flag is commonly used in face painting.) It was looking stark until I thought Teesha and got out my Aquarelles

Feel sharp

I love black and white. I knew what I was going to do here, then the newspaper I had laid down for protection had THE FACTS in black and white! So I changed my mind, sharpened up the act and got stamping.


Ideas for improvement.