Thursday, March 25, 2010

My wordle

I like "punched flower" and "excellent think day" but not "I died" and I'm not sure about "terrible craft circles".  However, I frequently "virtually bought book"!


Sian said...

lol! Virtually buying books is nearly as good as actually buying them :)

humel said...

Love it :-) I like 'Clair's almost website'! And 'Amazon wonders', and 'beloved friend'. But 'internet finished' had me worried!

Deb said...

Hi Elizabeth ~ Thanks for the comment you left on my mini-book tutorial this morning. :o) The butterfly punch is from Martha Stewart and (as you've probably already figured out) it is my FAVORITE! I've really gotten my money's worth out of that one.

BTW, I love the black and white card you made a couple posts down...

Enjoy your weekend! xo
~ Deb

Deb said...

Hi Elizabeth ~

Thank you so much for ordering from my Etsy shop! I will package your little black bird up and mail her tomorrow. :o)

~ Deb