Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Creative journey

The fourth challenge on Creative Journey was to use the polystyrene base from a pizza with one's theme. I drew out a daisy with a pencil, then used the rounded end of the pencil to impress the area I didn't want to print. I used two ink pads (Impress) in crimson and pansy to make prints, over printing the crimson one with pansy. I also printed the first crimson one onto a piece of board and printed with that.

Then I drew another daisy on the reverse side of the polystyrene. I don't like the patterning for the daisy but I've made some lovely graphic designs of stamps with it and am pleased with them.

Finally, and favourite, I used three diluted shades of blue acrylic paint and painted onto the first stamp. Although I'd washed it there was still some crimson ink which blended with the wet paint. I shall definitely use this stamp with paint again.


lalheg said...

Doing the happy dance - I like the patterning myself.

Elizabeth said...

The patterning was really good on some angular designs like the Greek key. I would never have realised how mouldable the polystyrene is. I've stamped with the patterning in shapes I have cut out before. I'll try paisley next! All thanks to you, Laura.

plumbum said...

I like the crimson/pansy one best. They're all nice bit the top one is just perfect

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Beth, I think on-line they look more interesting.