Tuesday, October 24, 2006


There's been a shortage of art here for the last week, due to holiday and family, but last night I got out this page, a pill bottle, a black ink pad (waterproof) and my WHS watercolour crayons. I gessoed the page and then my mother phoned, for a while. That meant I had to phone my sister, for a longer while, and then it was bedtime. When I went to the book today I wondered what I was supposed to do. The crayons must have meant I was to colour in the rings when I had made them with the pill bottle, and the waterproof ink meant I intended to wash the colouring, but then what? I love the zing of the colours as they change from crayon to paint, it's like the excitement of a magic painting book on a wet day when I was little. Now I want the "ping" of an answer to What Next.


lalheg said...

Possibly - just enjoying the process?

Elizabeth said...

I certainly did enjoy the process.