Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Failure/success at something else

I'm failing in the challenge to do a daily page in my art journal, though I have done a few backgrounds and thought out what to put on them. However, this is because of being busy with Parents' Association business. I was honoured, a month ago, to be asked to be Chairperson. I graciously said no thank you as I know I'm too immature (at 48!) but I volunteered to be Treasurer instead and suggested a superb person for Chair. Last night was the AGM and we were unopposed. I think we will make a nice team.

While not producing any art I have done a lot of thinking about it, and where and how I do it, and I expect to make changes after half term, hopefully with good results.


Linda said...

I don't think you've failed at all. Having not checked your site for a few days I was amazed at how much you've done, and all great pieces of work. Ok, you may not have done something every day, but what is important is that you're continuing your art on a regular basis and exploring/ experimenting with new ideas and techniques.
That is what I'd call a success!!!
Well done :D

And congrats + good luck with your new post too!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Linda. I am sure you are right. I feel I have changed as a person as a result of regular thinking if not application. One journal piece is going to help me reorganise a lot of my life, but I need a bit more time first. And you are right about the journal giving me a focus for experimenting. The large page is good that way, though I think I might have managed to do art daily if I'd had a smaller page. However, I haven't begun trying these miniature collages yet, so I can't honestly make size an issue.

Linda said...

Lol I have to try those mini collages yet too!!!

Good luck, keep up the wonderful work and enjoy ;)

Kari said...

Wow Elizabeth - it is great to see so much of your art. I was just thinking the other day, how I hadn't got to see any of yours recently.

They are all lovely pieces of work and I can see you have tried lots of new things and got a lot out of the process.

Apart from the jouran, what else are you working on?

Looking forward to your rethink on the future of your art. Since starting my new job, I have only just realised I need to do that too.

Kari x

Lara Lorelei said...

The very fact you are getting back to thsi when time is on your side a bit more is not failing. I've not done anything to my daily challenge in over a week, doesn't mean I haven't been doing something creative.

artfulzebra said...

Elizabeth, I can't believe you're 48!! You certainly have not failed, in fact from your comments it sounds a resounding success! More power to our artistic elbows!

Maz x