Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have spent five days (off and on) trying to remember my password for Blogger. Writing in Leslie's blog today I typed one and lo and behold it was correct. Now I must print out my Christmas card list and start to get organised for the Scout Post.


Leslie said...

Hi! Wow, you really have made me feel so good with all your kind comments about my journal. I am so glad you have ordered On The Road. It is my favorite book of all time. I just love the poetry of it. His other books don't have that same style of writing (although, I am trying to get my hands on a copy of Dharma Bums which I think is similar). Re: the artist in Somerset Studios, Her name is Jo Dee Foster and she was showcased in the May /June 2005 issue. I will try to scan some and send them to you. I might have to do that through email. My email is donandleslie@charter.net, you can email me from your email system, which I can then reply to. I can't reply to the ones from the blog, I think. Also, I'm glad you liked the black and white journal. I will scan some more pages of it, too. I write in it almost everyday, and it is a lot of fun to take everywhere and always have something simple to do. Plus, it only requires a black pen, but, suprisingly, it is hard to find the kind of pen that flows the black ink (gel pens do not work. I'm always searching. Anyway, I've gotten kind of chatty here, hope you don't mind. Show me your journal! BTW, the blog you have been looking at quit working and I had to open another one. YOu can see the other blog at:
http://theartfuljourney1.blogspot.com, you can see my most current journal entries there.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Leslie

I'd looked through your other blog first, actually. I haven't any journal worth looking at yet, but I am trying. Art doesn't come naturally, as a scientist at school I trained myself not to doodle. But I love to look. and it's lovely to chat.

Elizabeth said...
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