Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Knitting again

I went to the seminar by Postwatch on the change to the mail system: pricing in proportion, I think.  From next August we shall pay for post by size not weight.  Two men spoke, in the Caledonian board room, and it was informative.  I then shopped for an hour or so, including buying wool in John Lewis.  This was very big wool and I have already made a hat for Alice.


Dawn said...

Thanks for posting to my blog about your knitting. It really makes me feel good to think I had a hand in getting you back to your needles. I spent about two years in a knitting block, so I'm really glad to be back to mine too. I've been wearing my scarf a lot. It's really warm and our weather is turning colder. I hope you'll share photos of your knitting and I'd love to see the cards too.

Kathleen Marie said...

Hi Elizabeth! I tried to email you about sending you the pattern for my Mom's pocketbooks, but I didn't hear back from you. If you are still interested, I'd need your email, so I can send it to you. :)

Leslie said...

Hi Elizabeth! I believe it's time for an update on your blog!! Thanks for stopping by mine!